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Landon Blake, the Mapping Department Manager for Hawkins and Associates, will be speaking at the OSGeo California Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 in Davis, California. Landon will be giving two (2) talks at the meeting. The first talk is entitled “Terrestrial Laser Scanning of Mission San Miguel”. It provides a brief review of the volunteer work he supervised to scan the historic Spanish Mission in San Miguel, California. This was a joint project with CyArk and the Architecture Department from the University of California San Francisco.

The second talk is entitled “Practical Applications of Open Source GIS to Public Infrastructure Management”. In this talk Landon will discuss his successful application of open source GIS software to the management of levee systems, road systems, and sewer systems. The talk covers use of the open source software OpenJUMP, Open Data Kit, and Inkscape.

In the afternoon, Landon will lead a workshop that teaches how to design high quality cartographic maps using OpenJUMP and Inkscape.