Expanded Topo Exhibit

Hawkins and Associates Engineering has completed expanded topographic mapping of an access easement as part of a boundary survey northwest of Sonoma. Fidelity National Title asked Hawkins and Associates to survey several parcels, an access easement, and an access road serving the parcels. The access road runs along the top of a ridge in the hills surrounding Sonoma Mountain. The land surveyors at Hawkins and Associates have just delivered the attorney exhibit prepared from the expanded mapping.

Hawkins and Associates land surveyors Kevin Genasci, Landon Blake, Dan Cano, and Ryan Levin worked to perform the additional mapping and to prepare the attorney exhibit. This project is an example of the boundary surveying and expert witness services provided by Hawkins and Associates. Hawkins and Associates has completed other recent boundary surveys to support the work of area land attorneys, including a survey of the 801 10th Street Tower in Downtown Modesto and a survey of a high-value residential parcel on Pullman Road in Hillsborough, California.