The AT&T Mokelumne Hill Fiber Optic Extension Project is to design and construction a new fiber optic line. The new line will run roughly parallel to Highway 49 across the Mokelumne River Canyon. The Hawkins and Associates land surveying team has recently delivered its final survey work products to support the design of the fiber optic extension. These work products included a land net drawing and drawings showing the location of the selected route.  AT&T will use the provided work products to prepare land description packages for their fiber optic easements.

This project is an example of the right-of-way management services that Hawkins and Associates provides to its clients. It also shows how the Hawkins and Associates team supports large infrastructure projects with boundary surveying and topographic surveying services. Hawkins and Associates also recently completed a right-of-way management plan for a similar project, the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority Surface Water Pipeline.

Hawkins and Associates land surveyors Kevin Genasci, Landon Blake, Dan Cano and Robert Sarwanoke were all involved in the preparation and delivery of the final survey work products on the AT&T Mokelumne Hill Fiber Optic Extension Project.