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Hawkins and Associates Finishes Work On Fiber Optic Route

  The AT&T Mokelumne Hill Fiber Optic Extension Project is to design and construction a new fiber optic line. The new line will run roughly parallel to Highway 49 across the Mokelumne River Canyon. The Hawkins and Associates land surveying team has recently delivered its final survey work products to support the design of the […]

Expanded Topo Exhibit

Hawkins and Associates Completes Expanded Topographic Mapping for Sonoma Boundary Survey

Hawkins and Associates Engineering has completed expanded topographic mapping of an access easement as part of a boundary survey northwest of Sonoma. Fidelity National Title asked Hawkins and Associates to survey several parcels, an access easement, and an access road serving the parcels. The access road runs along the top of a ridge in the […]

Hawkins and Associates team member Dani Cano performs a boundary field survey to support a student housing project in Sacramento.

Hawkins and Associates Starts Work on New Student Housing Project in Sacramento, California

The team at Hawkins and Associates has started field surveys and preliminary design for a new student housing project in the City of Sacramento. The parcel being developed is just south of the California State University of Sacramento Campus and will offer living arrangements to students that are accessible with walking and biking. The project […]

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new web site for Hawkins and Associates! Our new web site features a responsive layout, which makes it easier to read on your phone and tablet. You can visit the “About Us” page to learn more about us, our company, and the bird-of-prey behind our logo. (Brief profiles of our team members […]