Construction surveying is provided to support the construction of new buildings, site improvements, and infrastructure. It typically involves field surveys to layout and mark new improvements on the ground. It can also include as-built surveys to confirm correct construction of improvements and surveys to monitor settling and displacement caused by construction activities.

Construction Surveying Activities

Our land surveying team members regular perform these type of construction surveying activities:

  1. Review survey control.
  2. Review construction plans.
  3. Request construction plan clarifications.
  4. Set site control for construction surveys.
  5. Perform field surveys for staking and layout.
  6. Review, process and adjust raw measurements from field surveys.
  7. Prepare cut sheets, exhibits, and as-built construction plans.
  8. Perform as-built surveys and monitoring surveys.
  9. Calculate material quantities based on as-built surveys.

Work Products

Work products created by our team for construction surveying include: cut sheets, as-staked exhibits, as-built plans, and monitoring survey reports.


Our land surveying team members use the latest surveying technology during construction surveys. This includes GNSS surveying equipment, robotic total stations, rugged hand-held computers, and AutoCAD Civil 3D design software.

Coordination With Others

As part of the construction process, our team works closely with project owners, contractors, and government agencies.

Related Services

Civil engineering and topographic surveying are services related to construction surveying that our team provides.