Land use planning is the process used to define, propose and change the use of land parcels. Land use in California and Nevada is governed by zoning rules, laws regulating the subdivision of land, and regulations for environmental protection. Team members at Hawkins and Associates Engineering assist developers of residential, commercial, and industrial property to navigate the land planning regulatory framework. They also support local government agencies with land use planning activities.

Common Land Use Planning Tasks

Team members at Hawkins and Associates Engineering regularly perform the following tasks as part of their land use planning services:Preparation and processing of zoning variances.

  1. Preparation and processing of parcel certificates of compliance.
  2. Preparation and processing of use permits.
  3. Preparation of site plans.
  4. Review and negotiation of conditions of approval issued for a project.
  5. Preparation of tentative subdivision maps.
  6. Preparation and processing of parcel mergers.
  7. Preparation of land descriptions for conservation easements.
  8. Preparation of land descriptions for public easements and public dedications.
  9. Preparation of descriptions and exhibits for jurisdictional annexations.
  10. Preparation of land descriptions for and mapping of jurisdictional boundaries.


The process our team members typically follow for land use planning services include these steps:

  1. Discussion of client goals.
  2. Review of proposed land use change or parcel change.
  3. Review of applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Execution of field surveys (if needed).
  5. Preparation of the work product.
  6. Review of the work product.

Work Products

Work products prepared by our team members for land use planning services include: applications, exhibits, site plans, land planning exhibits, and land descriptions. The work product for each jurisdiction needs to meet a different set of requirements and often a different format.


Our team members use a variety of tools as part of the land use planning process. This includes aerial photography, graphic design software, 3D modeling software, CAD, and GIS.

Coordination With Others

As part of the land development process, our team works closely with land attorneys, land planners, land title professionals, real estate agents, land owners, community groups, and government agencies.

Related Services

Services related to land use planning include boundary surveying and land development.