Our Mission

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Hawkins and Associates Engineering, Inc. leverages the latest technology and real world experience to provide public and private entities with innovative yet practical solutions for the civil engineering, land surveying and land planning components of projects.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. (Dr Seuss)

Our Core Values

Integrity: A refusal to compromise the values that define us.  Trust, respect, esteem; these are not given but earned.  It is our firm belief that the character and ability of our staff are our best asset in our efforts to inspire confidence in our clients.

Community: A sense of responsibility to the relationships that surround us.   Whether it is a city, a church family, or a design-build team, success can only be achieved when the individuals work towards a common goal.  We believe that taking full ownership of our role in every endeavor and investing in the success of others are crucial to the overall success of our projects.

Creativity: A commitment to actively address the challenges life presents us.  Value means something different to everyone.  From project to project (and component to component) initial cost, life cycle cost, time, aesthetics and longevity can all vary in importance.  We strive to find individualized solutions that provide the best value for each project and client.

Accountability: A pride in ownership of the responsibilities delegated to us.  We will communicate efficiently and effectively.  We will work in a thorough and expeditious manner.  We will provide a complete and professional product.  When we fall short, we will own the problem and find the solution.