Hawkins and Associates is a full-service civil engineering and land surveying company. Below is a list of the services we provide our clients. (Click on the name of a service for more information.) You can also learn about a few of our projects and read references from our clients.

List of Services

Civil Engineering:Civil engineering is the design of physical improvements to land. This can include the design of roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, levees, canals, railroads, sewer systems, storm drain systems, water systems, irrigation systems and buildings. Civil engineers also supervise the construction and maintenance of the works they design. You can learn more about the civil engineering services we provide on our Civil Engineering Services web page.

Land Use Planning: Land use planning is the process used to define, propose and change the use of land parcels. Land use in California and Nevada is governed by zoning rules, laws regulating the subdivision of land, and regulations for environmental protection. Team members at Hawkins and Associates Engineering assist developers of residential, commercial, and industrial property to navigate the land planning regulatory framework. They also support local government agencies with land use planning activities. You can learn more about our land planning services we provide on our Land Use Planning Services web page.

Land Development: During land development, parcels are typically converted from a low intensity use (such as farming) to a higher-intensity use (such as single-family residential housing). As part of land development, larger parcels are commonly divided into smaller parcels. Physical improvements are also made to the land and supporting infrastructure as part of the land development project. You can learn about the land development services we provided on our Land Development Services web page.

Topographic Surveying: Topographic surveying is used to determine the location, shape, and physical characteristics of the natural world and build environment. You can learn more about the topographic surveying services we provided on our Topographic Surveying and Mapping Services web page.

Boundary Surveying: Boundary surveying is used to create, retrace, and adjust parcel boundaries. You can learn more about the boundary surveying services we provide on our Boundary Surveying Services web page.

Construction Surveying: Construction surveying is provided to support the construction of new buildings, site improvements, and infrastructure. It typically involves field surveys to layout and mark new improvements on the ground. It can also include as-built surveys to confirm correct construction of improvements and surveys to monitor settling and displacement caused by construction activities. You can learn more about the construction surveying services we provided on our Construction Surveying Services web page.

Land Title Services: In most parts of the United States, ownership to land is primarily shown by evidence of good “paper” title. The paper title us usually in the form of a current property deed. The property deed contains a description of the land transferred by the deed. As property is transferred from one owner to another over time, a chain-of-title is formed.

The United States system of land ownership and land title is complicated, with many interlocking parts. This complexity often results in clouds on the title of land. Clouds on title create confusion about who is the current owner of a parcel of land and what that parcel of land is. Related survey problems can also raise questions about where the parcel of land is located.

At Hawkins and Associates Engineering, our land title services help discover and answer these questions. We also work to resolve title and survey problems. You can learn more about the land title services we provide on our Land Title Services web page.

Right-of-Way Management Services: “Right-of-Way” is a term used to describe the strips of land used to build, access, and maintain linear infrastructure. These linear features include roads, railroads, levees, canals and pipelines. As part of our right-of-way management services we help government agencies, utility companies, and railroads plan, organize, and control their right-of-way assets. You can learn more about our right-of-way management services on our Right-of-Way Management Services web page.

Flood Hazard and Flood Control Services: Risk of flooding is one of the biggest challenges Central California communities face to their healthy growth and economic development. It can be difficult to understand flood hazards and how FEMA processes related to flood risk and flood insurance costs. Hawkins and Associates offers a set of services related to flood risk to help communities and land developers understand, define and mitigate flood risk. You can learn more about our flood risk services on our Flood Risk and Flood Control Services web page.